Bar Ware

Wine Chiller With Stand

Bar Non Slip Mat

Bar / Shelf Liner Roll

Cutting Board

Wine Basket

Salt & Sugar Rimmer

Bar Caddy

Condiment Holder

Store & Pourer

Wine Thermometer


Champagne Stopper

Ice Tong


Bar Strainer

Cork Screwer

Lemon Squeezer

Wine Server

Boston Shaker

Cocktail Shaker

Wooden Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket

SS Punch Bowl

Bar Tools

Wine Chiller

Bar Utensils – ( Bar Set )

Shot Glass Big (75ml)- DS13

Shot Glass Small (55ml)- DS12

Step Series- TSP500,TSP400,TSP300

Bar Glass-TWH300

Bar Glass-TPN400

Beer Mug-BM450


Snacks Service Tray- T1218

Bar Service Tray Rectangle(Flat)- RST1218

Bar Service Tray Round (Flat)- BT14

Bar Service Tray Round (Collar)- SL15

Cake Stand (2 & 3 Tier)-CS2T,CS3T

Speed Rail(Double)-SRD22,SRD32,SRD42

Speed Rail(Single)-SRSS22,SRSS32,SRSS42

Ash Tray with Cover-ATC

Ash Tray-ATS

Ash Tray (Straight Edge)-ATS3 to ATS5

Bottle Cap Catcher-BCC1,BCC2

Glass Hanger(Wire Type)-WGH17

Glass Hanger (Wire Type)-WG10,WG16,WG24

Wine Bottle Holder (Wire Type)-WWBH

Champagne/Wine Bucket Stand(Table Mounted)-WWBSTM

Champagne/Wine Bucket Stand(Royal Stand Big/Small)-CRSB

Champagne/Wine Bucket Stand(Royal Stand Big/Small)-CRS

Champagne/Wine Bucket Stand-CBS

Ice Bucket(Economy With Stud Knob)-IBE1

Ice Bucket-IBH1

Wine Bucket-WBRHS

Ice Bucket (Double WallI)-IBRD1

Ice Bucket (Double WallI)-IBDD1,IBDD2

Ice Bucket (Double WallI)-IBDS1

Ice Bucket (Double Wall)-IBDB1,IBDB2

Ice Bucket (Double Wall)-IBDR1,IBDR2

Ice Bucket (Double Wall)-IBD1,IBD2

Wine Bucket/Champagne Bucket Double Wall-WBD

Wine Bucket/Champagne Bucket Ring Handle Big/Small-WBRHM,WBSRH

Champagne Bucket-CBK22

Wine Bucket/Champagne Bucket Knob Handle Big/Small-WBKHM,WBSKH

Wine Cooler (Double Body) -WCD

Wine Cooler (Double Body) -WCBR

Wine Cooler (Double Body)-WCS

Bar Spoon Heavy Stud-BSHS

Bar Spoon Fork Tail-BSFT16

Bar Spoon Fork Tail-BSFTG

Bar Spoon Fork Tail-BSFT

Bar Spoon Fork Tail-BSFT

Bar Spoon Coin Tail-BSCTC

Bar Spoon Coin Tail-BSCT

Bar Spoon Red Knob-BSRK


Metal Pourer with Flip Top-MPC,MPCG,MPCC,MPCA


Metal Pourer Wide Mouth-MPWM


Bottle Opener-BO13

Opener Wall Mounted-BO11

Flat Bottle Opener-FBP18B,FBP18BL,FBP18Y,FBP18G,FBP18W

Flat Bottle Opener-FBV188,FBVI88L,FBV18R,FBV18G

Flat Bottle Opener-FB18G

Flat Bottle Opener-FB18C

Flat Bottle Opener-FB18

Lemon Squeezer Strainer Type-LSQS

Lemon Squeezer with Opener-LSQVBL

Lemon Squeezer with Opener-LSQ

Ice Scoop-IS1

Beer Tray-BT14

Bar Tray-BT25V to BT45V

Bar Tray-BT25 to BT45

Condiment Dispenser-CH3 to CH8

Julep Strainer-J8G

Julep Strainer-J8C

Julep Strainer-J8

Bar Strainer (2Prongs) with Pipe Handle-BSP

Bar Strainer (4Prongs)-BR4G

Bar Strainer (4Prongs)-BR4C

Bar Strainer (4Prongs)-BR4A

Bar Strainer (4Prongs)-BR4

Conical Jigger-PMJ20C,PMJ25G,PMJ30G

Conical Jigger-PMJ20C,PMJ25C,PMJ30C

Conical Jigger-PMJ20,PMJ25,PMJ30

Peg Measure-PMB25C,PMB30C

Peg Measure-PMB25,PMB30

Peg Measure International-PMI20G,PMI25G,PMI30G

Peg Measure International-PMI20CL,PMI25CL,PMI30CL

Peg Measure International-PMI10,PMI25,PMI30

Goblet Glass-GG1

Beer Mug-BMC3

Beer Mug-BMC2

Beer Mug-BMC1

Martini Glass-MG1C

Martini Glass-MG1G

Martini Glass-MG1

Malt Cup-MC

Boston Shaker Printed Glass-BSP75

Boston Shaker without Base-BSV75R,BSV75B,BSV75BL

Boston Shaker without Base-BSC75BL,BSC75R

Boston Shaker with Base-BSB16, BSB28

Boston Shaker without Base- BS16,BS28

Cocktail Shaker Vodka 3 Piece-CSV50,CSV75

Cocktail Shaker Bullet 4 Piece-CSB50,CSB75

Cocktail Shaker 3 Piece-CSMG50

Cocktail Shaker Deluxe 3 Piece-CSDS50CG,CSDS75CR

Cocktail Shaker Deluxe 3 Piece-CSDS25CY,CSDS30CBL

Cocktail Shaker Deluxe 3 Piece-CSDS25G,CSDS75G

Cocktail Shaker Deluxe 3 Piece-CSDS25C,CSDS30C,CSDS50C,CSDS75C

Cocktail Shaker Deluxe 3 Piece-CSDS25,CSDS30,CSDS50,CSDS75

Cocktail Shaker Regular 3 Piece-CSRS25,CSRS30,CSRS50,CSRS75

Wine Bottle stopper

Simple Can Opener

Wine Opener

Plastic Bear Bottle Caddy

PC Wine Bucket With LED

PC Cocktail Shaker

Glass Rimmer

Drink Cylinder

Drink Caddy of 3

Drink Barrel

Deluxe Cocktail 3 Sizes Shaker

Brass Peg Measure Plain Handle

Beer Tower

Barrel Bowl

Bar Strainer

Bar Spoon Coin Tail SS

Bar Spoon

Bar Opener Vinyl Coated Matt

Multi Opener

Bar Strip & Bar Mat

Illuminate Shooters (IS-7950)

Illuminate Vodko Shooter (IVS-7930)

Wine & Champagne Stand (WCS-32500)

Wine Bucket With Stand (WB-5025)

Rainbow Bar Set (PVD Plated)

Ice Bucket S (IB-6116RB),Ice Bucket L (IB-6117RB)

Bottle Opener (BO-6128 RB)

Bar Tray (BT- 6125 RB)

Cocktail Shaker (CS-6151 RB)