Chafing Dishes- Induction type 4

Chafing Dishes- Induction type 3

Chafing Dishes- Induction type 2

Chafing Dishes- Induction type 1

Commercial Inductions 5

Commercial Inductions 4

Commercial Inductions 3

Commercial Inductions 2

Commercial Inductions 1

Popcorn Machine (GAS)

Popcorn Cart

Popcorn Machine (JUMBO)

Popcorn Machine (BIG)

Popcorn Machine Deluxe- ECO

Popcorn Machine Deluxe

Popcorn Machine ECO

Popcorn Showcase

Momo Steamer

Momo Steamer L4

Momo Steamer L2

Electric Bar-be-que

Corn Steamer

Glass Display 2

Glass Display 1

Bone Saw

Sausage Filler SF-7L

Sausage Filler SF-5L

Fine Chopper

Meat Slicer

Meat Mincers HFM-22

Meat Mincers HFM-12

Meat Mincers SXC-22

Meat Mincers SXC-12

Meat Mincers MG-12

Meat Mincers G-50

Veg Cutter- HCL-300

Veg Choppers- QS620B

Veg Choppers- HLQ-8

Veg Choppers- TQ5

Bar-be-que (Fuel Used- COAL)

Rotisserie- GAS

Rotisserie- GAS

Shawarma Machines- 4 Burner

Shawarma Machines- 3 Burner

Shawarma Machines- 2 Burner

Shawarma Machines- Electric (Big)

Shawarma Machines- Electric (Small)

Hamburger Warmer 2KW

Hamburger Warmer 700W

Slice Toaster- 6 Slice

Slice Toaster- 4 Slice

Salamanders- 600

Salamanders- 450

Salamanders- 937

Salamanders- 938

Salamanders- 936

Salamanders- 935

Conveyor Slice Toasters- TT-A300

Conveyor Slice Toasters- TT-A150

Conveyor Slice Toasters- TT-300

Conveyor Slice Toasters- TT-150

Hotdog Machine

Hotdog Machine

Plain Griddle Plate (Big)- 820

Half Grooved Griddle Plate (Small)- 818-2

Grooved Griddle Plate (Small)- 821

Plain Griddle Plate (Small)- 818

Gas Griddle Plate- 722

Gas Griddle Plate- 720

Gas Griddle Plate- 718

Stone Pizza Oven Jumbo Single Deck

Stone Pizza Oven Big Single Deck

Stone Pizza Oven Medium Double Deck

Stone Pizza Oven Medium

Stone Pizza Oven Small Double Deck

Stone Pizza Ovens Small

Stone Pizza Oven (Gas)-100W

Pasta oven Double Deck-PO-4-SS-DD

Pasta oven Double Deck-PO-4-PC

Pasta & Noodle Boiler-4Basket

Conveyor Pizza Oven-VPS8B

Conveyor Pizza Oven-VPS8A

Deep Gas Fryer with Single cabinet-1Tank

Deep Electric Fryer with Double cabinet-2Tank

Deep Electric Fryer with Single cabinet-1Tank

Deep Fryer gas Single(1Tank)-6Ltr

Deep Fryer gas Single Auto (1Tank)-12Ltr

Deep Fryer gas double Auto (2Tank)-12+12Ltr

Deep Fryer gas double (2Tank)-6+6Ltr

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-171V

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-101V

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-102V

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-82/89

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-81

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-88

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-115

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-61

Potato Twister- Manual

Candy Floss with Cart- 1.80Kw

Candy Floss (Deluxe)- 1.30Kw

Candy Floss (Eco)- 1.20Kw

Donut Maker- 1.55Kw

Waffle Cone Baker (Square)- 1.75Kw

Waffle Cone Baker (Round)- 1.2Kw

Candy Waffle (Pine)- 1.75Kw

Candy Waffle (Round)- 1.55Kw

Candy Waffle (Butterfly)- 1.75Kw

Grid Waffle- 1.55Kw

Bubble Waffle- 1.2Kw

Waffle Baker Rotary Digital- (1.2Kw)

Waffle Baker Rotary Double- (2.6Kw)

Waffle Baker Rotary Round- (1.3Kw)

Waffle Baker Square-2210D (2.0Kw)

Waffle Baker Round Double- 1.2Kw

Waffle Baker Round- 1.2Kw

Dough Sheeter- TSP-520 (1100W)

Dough Sheeter- TSP-380 (1100W)

Dough Sheeter- LSP-520A (1100W)

Dough Sheeter- LSP-380A (1100W)

Dough Divider- (500W)

Bread Slicer_250W





Potato Twister- Motorised

Waffle Baker Square-2210 (2.0Kw)