Hotel Equipments

water boilers

waffle cone baker square

waffle cone baker round

waffle baker square

waffle baker round

veg cutter HCL 300

veg choppers TQ5

veg choppers QS620B

veg choppers HLQ 8jpg

tomoto slicer

tea and Coffee Boiler

sushi showcase

stone pizza oven small double deck

stone pizza oven small

stone pizza oven

stella TS 3503

stella TS 3502

stella TS 3501

stella TS 678

stella TS 34C01

spiral mixers

spar mixer safety guard

soyabean grinder

soup Kettles

soft machines

slush machines

slice toaster

single lamp food warmer

shawarma machines

sausage filler

salting machine


salad counter

safety guard

rotisserie gas




pototo twister

potato peeler pp15

potato peeler pp3

popcorn machines gas

popcorn machines

popcorn cart

plate warmer table top

plate warmer indian

plate warmer

plate food warmer

planetary mixers deluxe series

pizza oven double deck

pizza roller

patty press

pastry display eco

pastry display deluxe

pasta and noodle boiler

nachos warmer

momo steamer

meat slicer

meat mincers

luxury 2 lamp food warmer

ice cube machine

ice cube machine

ice cream counter

hotdog machine

hanging food warmer

hamburger waremers

grid waffle

griddle plates gas

griddle plates electric

glass displays

glass 3 lamp food warmer

glass 2 lamp food warmer

fried cream machines

food warmers normal

food warmer exclusive

fine chopper

electric bar be que

dough sheeter

dough divider

donut maker

deep fryers with cabinets

deep fryers (gas)

deep fryers(electric)

corn steamer

conveyor slice toaster

conveyor pizza oven VPS 8B

conveyor pizza oven VPS 8A

commercial inductions

cold juice dispensers two tanker

cold juice dispensersone tank

cold juice dispensers 3 tank

coffee warmer

chafing Dishes Induction Type

candy waffle round

candy waffle pine

candy waffle

candy floss

cake display

bubble waffle

bread slicer

bone saw

zumex multi juicer

zumex citrus juicer


YCD 3 6D


YCD 2 4D

WFF 202D

WFF 101T


wff 101D

vegetable preparation machines

vacuum packing machine

ugolini MT 2 GL

ugolini MT 1Mini

ugolini giant 2

ugolini deluxe 12 2A

ugolini delice

ugolini compact 12 2

ugolini a 19

stick blenders

spiral mixer

semi deluxe ice crushers

sandwich grillers

sandwich griller double griller

sandwich griller

rolling machine


planetay mixers semi deluxe series

planetary mixer normal series

palin griller

menumaster commercial microwave ovens1

menumaster commercial microwave ovens

krink mixer

italian expresso cappuccino cofee machine

imported single griller jumbo

imported single griller big

imported single griller

imported double griller

ice crushers eco

hod 165 hod 165sl

hod 110 hod 110sl

hod 55 hod 55sl


glass display freezer

glass display cooler

glass and dishwasher

gas deck oven

gas baking ovens ycq 3D

gas baking ovens ycq 3 6D

gas baking ovens ycq 3 6D

gas baking ovens ycq 2D

gas baking ovens YCQ 2D(full-ss)

gas baking ovens ycq 2 6D

gas baking ovens ycq 2 4D

gas baking ovens ycq 1D

gas baking ovens with steamer

frymaster dean tube type fryers

franke automatic coffee machine

food holding equipments

filter coffee machine (tea-coffee-machine)

electric proofer

electric deck oven

electric backing ovens with steamer

display feed warmers round glass

display feed warmers luxurious

display feed warmers full glass

display feed warmers exclusive

display feed warmers big round glass

deluxe ice crushers

crepe machine

coolex refrigeratiors freezers

commercial blenders

chocolate warmers

chocolate tempering machine

chocolate fountains

caplain rotary rack ovens

caplain retarder provers fro trolley

caplain dough sheeter

bun divider and rounder

bistrot snack 364

bistrot 665

baking ovens with proofer WFC 204 DF

baking ovens with proofer wfc 102D F

baking ovens with proofer gas

arneg super market refrigerated display1

arneg super market refrigerated display

3hp high efficient motors

stella induction cookers

sirman vegetable cutter

sirman salamander

sirman pototo peeler

sirman cutter mixer

sirman bone saw

sirman blender

sandwich griller

sandwich griller

sirman mixer

SIRMAN meat slicer

duck roaster

cooper atkins

commercial blender

SIRMAN cninese steamer

SIRMAN citrus juicer

chinese wok

manual ice cube crusher

ice cube slicer

electric ice cube crusher

donut cut n fry

donut automatic fryer

solid round ice machine ZX 250 EL

solid round ice machine ZX 130 EL

solid round ice machine ZX 60 EL

dice shape ice machine SQ 235 EL

dice shape ice machine SQ 110EL

dice shape ice machine SQ 25 EL

dice shape ice machine SQ 10 EL

bullet shape ice machines BUZ 320 EL

bullet shape ice machines BUZ 160 EL

bullet shape ice machines BUZ 40 EL