Stella TS- 34C01

Candy Waffle (Pine)- 1.75Kw

Grid Waffle- 1.55Kw

Bubble Waffle- 1.2Kw

Waffle Baker Rotary Digital- (1.2Kw)

Waffle Baker Rotary Double- (2.6Kw)

Waffle Baker Rotary Round- (1.3Kw)

Waffle Baker Square-2210D (2.0Kw)

Waffle Baker Round Double- 1.2Kw

Waffle Baker Round- 1.2Kw

Dough Sheeter- TSP-520 (1100W)

Dough Sheeter- TSP-380 (1100W)

Dough Sheeter- LSP-520A (1100W)

Dough Sheeter- LSP-380A (1100W)

Dough Divider- (500W)























































Bar Caddy


Ash Tray

3 Tier Steamer

Pots & Pans 12

Pots & Pans 11

Pots & Pans 10

Pots & Pans 9

Pots & Pans 8

Pots & Pans 7

Pots & Pans 6

Pots & Pans 6

Pots & Pans 4

Pots & Pans 3

Pots & Pans 2

Pots & Pans 1

Chaffing Dishes 6

Chaffing Dishes 5

Chaffing Dishes 4

Chaffing Dishes 3

Chaffing Dishes 2

Chaffing Dishes 1







Stabilizing Spinner

EM 98 Electric

Salad Spinner

Dynacoupe 2

Dynacoupe 1

Bar Utensils ( HMD900TS-UK )

Bar Utensils ( HMI200 series )

Bar Utensils ( HBF500-UK )

Bar Utensils ( HBF600S-UK )

Bar Utensils ( 1G96700 )

Bar Utensils ( HBS850 )

Bar Utensils ( HBS1200-MED )

Bar Utensils ( HMD200 )

Bar Utensils ( HMD400 )

Bar Utensils ( HBB250 THUMB )

Bar Utensils ( HBB250 THUMB )

Bar Utensils ( HBS650 )

Bar Utensils ( HBH250 HERO )

Bar Utensils ( HBH450 HERO )

Scissors Detachable

Triple-Zip Knife Case

Apple Corer

Vegetable Peeler

Melon Baller

Food Tester

Fish Knife

Butcher’s Knife

Chef’s Knife

Boning Knife

Deba Knife

Santoku Knife

Usuba Knife

Sashimi Knife 2

Sashimi Knife 1


Kitchen Chopper

Kau Kong Chopper

Kitchen Chopper Shanghai Style

All Purpose Kitchen Knife

Slicing Knife Granton Edge

Slicing Knife Serrated Edge

Carving Fork Straight

Carving Fork Curved

Boning Knife Flexible

Curved Boning Knife

Narrow Boning Knife

Chef’s Knife

Slicing Knife Granton Edge

Bread Knife

Wide Bread Knife

Offset Bread Knife

Fillet Knife Flexible

Boning Knife Flexible

Curved Boning Knife

Chef’s Knife

Chef’s Knife

Usuba Knife

Santoku Knife

Bread Knife

Fillet Knife – flexible

Paring Knife

Carving Fork-curved

Chef’s Knife

Carving Knife

Santoku Knife

Fillet Knife

Utility Knife

Curved Paring Knife

Knife Bag With Shoulder Strap

Butcher Pocket Knife

“S” Hook

Block Brush

Cleaver 2

Cleaver 1

Mesh Safety Glove 2

Mesh Safety Glove 1

Knife Sharping

Sharping Steel Standard Cut

Sharping Steel Standard Fine

Sharping Steel Ultra Fine

Meat Hammer

Mincing Knife

Peeler,Metal,Serrated edge,especially sharp

Turner 2

Turner 1

Knifes ( Filleting Knife Wave Edge )

Knifes ( Chef’s Knife Narrow )

Knifes ( Chef’s Knife Wide )

Knifes ( Chef’s Knife )

Knifes ( Vegetable Knife )

Knifes ( Cleaver,Chinese Style )

Knifes ( Slicer,Chinese Style )

Knifes ( Chef’s Knife )

Knifes ( Meta Fork )

Knifes ( Serving Fork )

Knifes ( Sausage Fork Forged )

Knifes ( Tomato Knife )

Knifes ( Santoku Knife )

Knifes ( BestCut Chef’s Knife )

Knifes ( Turner )

Knifes ( Santoku Knife Scalopped Edge )

Knifes ( Santoku Knife )

Knifes ( Chef’s Knife )

Knifes ( Skinning Knife Wavy Edge )

Knifes ( Ham Slicer )

Knifes ( Sticking Knife )

Knifes ( Boning Knife )

Knifes ( Butcher Knife )

Knifes ( Skinning Knife )

Perforated Bin ( Large )

Push Bin


Paddle Bin Small

Waste Bin

Single Layer Waste Bin


Fire Resistant Bin



Paper Dispenser

Hand Dryers ( Jumbo Paper Roll Dispenser )

Hand Dryers ( Tissue Dispenser )

Hand Dryers ( Austral )

Hand Dryers ( Zephyr )

Hand Dryers ( Master II )

Hand Dryers ( Tomade )

Luggage Cart With Bar

Bellman’s Luggage Cart

Bucket Wringer Combo

Floor Sign

Ash Tray Wall Mounted

Dust Pan & Broom

Service Trolly

Housekeeping Cart 03

Housekeeping Cart 01

Stand Ash Tray

Sovereign Series


Guardian Drawer

Magnifying Mirror

Digital Weighing Scale

Silent Minibar

Safe Deposit Locker

Cliper Back chrome




Hair Dryers ( Odyssee )

Hair Dryers ( Piccolo )

Amenity Trays ( Metal Luggage Rack )

Amenity Trays ( Ironing Board & Steam Iron )

Amenity Trays ( Voyager Tray )

Amenity Trays ( Zen Line )

Cordless Kettles ( Acme 1 Ltr. )

Cordless Kettles ( Confort 1 Ltr. )

Cordless Kettles ( Zenith 1.2 Ltr. )

Cordless Kettles ( Zenith 1 Ltr. )

Cordless Kettles ( Zenith 0.8 Ltr. )

Ice Cube Marker

Soft Ice-Cream Machine

Water Cooler

6 Door Refrigerator

Tea/ Milk Boiler

Bulk Cooker Tilting Type

Dosa Plate

Chapati Plate with Puffer

Chinese Range

4 Burner With Oven

3 Burner Range

Cooking Stove

Deep Fryer Two Tank

Deck Oven

Gyros Grill

Shawarma Grill

Combi Steamer

Waffle Maker


Sandwich Griller

Elec. Salamander Liftup


Kitchenaid- Toaster

4/6 Slots Toaster

Soup Turine

Dough Mixer

Pianetary Mixer

Spiral Mixer

Plate Warmer

Tilting Masala Grinder

Wet Masala Grinder

Meat Mincer

Meat Slicer

Separator Compartment Tray

Wine Baskets

Ultra Pan Carrier

Beverage Server


Beverage Decanters

Camtread Tray

Pebbled Pedestal Punch Bowls


Food Boxes

Food Pans

Squares and Round storage Containers


Shakers and Dredges

Salt & Pepper Mills 12

Salt & Pepper Mills 11

Salt & Pepper Mills 10

Salt & Pepper Mills 9

Salt & Pepper Mills 8

Salt & Pepper Mills 7

Salt & Pepper Mills 6

Salt & Pepper Mills 5

Salt & Pepper Mills 4

Salt & Pepper Mills 3

Salt & Pepper Mills 2

Salt & Pepper Mills 1

Wine Chiller With Stand

Bar Non Slip Mat

Bar / Shelf Liner Roll

Cutting Board

Wine Basket

Salt & Sugar Rimmer

Bar Caddy

Condiment Holder

Store & Pourer

Wine Thermometer


Champagne Stopper

Ice Tong


Bar Strainer

Cork Screwer

Lemon Squeezer

Wine Server

Boston Shaker

Cocktail Shaker

Wooden Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket

SS Punch Bowl

Bar Tools

Wine Chiller

Bar Utensils – ( Bar Set )

Soyabean Grinder

Salting Machine


Pizza Roller

Tomato Slicer

Patty Press

Potato Peeler ( PP-15 )

Potato Peeler ( PP-8 )

Cake Display

Salad Counters ( 6 PAN )

Salad Counters ( 4 PAN )

Sushi Showcase

Ice Cream Counter

Pastry Display ( ECO )

Pastry Dispaly ( DELUXE )

Fried Ice Cream Machine

Ice Cube Machine ( MQ-60 )

Ice Cube Machine ( MQ-40 )

Ice Cube Machine ( MQ-20 )

Softy Machines

Softy Machines

Softy Machines

Softy Machines

Softy Machines

Softy Machines

Juice Dispensers (Non Refrigerated) 2 Tank

Juice Dispensers (Non Refrigerated) 1 Tank

Slush Machines ( 2 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 1 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 2 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 2 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 1 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 3 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 2 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 1 Tank)

Nachos Warmer

Coffee Warmer

Bain Marie (5 Bowl-with glass)

Bain Marie (4 Bowl-with glass)

Bain Marie (3 Bowl-with glass)

Bain Marie (6 Bowl)

Bain Marie (4 Bowl)

Bain Marie (3 Bowl)

Bain Marie (2 Bowl)

Food Warmers (HANGING)

Food Warmers (PLATE)

Food Warmers (EXCLUSIVE)

Food Warmers (GLASS -3 LAMP)

Food Warmers (GLASS -2 LAMP)

Food Warmers (LUXURY -2 LAMP)

Food Warmers (SINGLE LAMP)

Food Warmers (NORMAL)

Soup Kettles (ECO)

Soup Kettles (SB-6000L)

Soup Kettles (SB-6000S)

Soup Kettles (SB-6000)

Plate Warmer (Table Top)

Plate Warmer (Indian)

Plate Warmer 2 (Imported)

Plate Warmer 1 (Imported)

Cup Warmer

Water Boiler (WB-30)

Water Boiler (WB-20)

Water Boiler (WB-10)

Tea & Coffe Boiler

Stella TS- 34C01

Stella TS- 5006

Stella TS- 698A

Stella TS- 3503

Stella TS- 3501

Stella TS- 3502

Stella TS- 678

Stella TS- 688

Chafing Dishes- Induction type 4

Chafing Dishes- Induction type 3

Chafing Dishes- Induction type 2

Chafing Dishes- Induction type 1

Commercial Inductions 5

Commercial Inductions 4

Commercial Inductions 3

Commercial Inductions 2

Commercial Inductions 1

Popcorn Machine (GAS)

Popcorn Cart

Popcorn Machine (GAS)

Popcorn Machine (JUMBO)

Popcorn Machine (BIG)

Popcorn Machine Deluxe- ECO

Popcorn Machine Deluxe

Popcorn Machine ECO

Popcorn Showcase

Momo Steamer

Momo Steamer L4

Momo Steamer L2

Electric Bar-be-que

Corn Streamer

Glass Display 2

Glass Display 1

Bone Saw

Sausage Filler SF-7L

Sausage Filler SF-5L

Fine Chopper

Meat Slicer

Meat Mincers HFM-22

Meat Mincers HFM-12

Meat Mincers SXC-22

Meat Mincers SXC-12

Meat Mincers MG-12

Meat Mincers G-50

Veg Cutter- HCL-300

Veg Choppers- QS620B

Veg Choppers- HLQ-8

Veg Choppers- TQ5

Bar-be-que (Fuel Used- COAL)

Rotisserie- GAS

Rotisserie- ELECTRIC

Rotisserie- GAS

Shawarma Machines- 4 Burner

Shawarma Machines- 3 Burner

Shawarma Machines- 2 Burner

Shawarma Machines- Electric (Big)

Shawarma Machines- Electric (Small)

Hamburger Warmer

Hamburger Warmer

Slice Toaster- 6 Slice

Slice Toaster- 4 Slice

Salamanders- 600

Salamanders- 450

Salamanders- 937

Salamanders- 938

Salamanders- 936

Salamanders- 935

Conveyor Slice Toasters- TT-A300

Conveyor Slice Toasters- TT-A150

Conveyor Slice Toasters- TT-300

Conveyor Slice Toasters- TT-150

Hotodog Machine

Hotodog Machine

Plain Griddle Plate (Jumbo)- 750

Half Grooved Griddle Plate (Big)- 822

Plain Griddle Plate (Big)- 820

Half Grooved Griddle Plate (Small)- 818-2

Grooved Griddle Plate (Small)- 821

Plain Griddle Plate (Small)- 818

Gas Griddle Plate- 722

Gas Griddle Plate- 720

Gas Griddle Plate- 718

Stone Pizza Oven Big Single Deck (SS)

Stone Pizza Oven Jumbo Single Deck

Stone Pizza Oven Big Single Deck

Stone Pizza Oven Medium Double Deck

Stone Pizza Oven Medium

Stone Pizza Oven Small Double Deck

Stone Pizza Ovens Small

Stone Pizza Oven (Gas)-100W

Pasta oven Double Deck-PO-4-SS-DD

Pasta oven Double Deck-PO-4-PC

Pasta & Noodle Boiler-4Basket

Conveyor Pizza Oven-VPS8B

Conveyor Pizza Oven-VPS8A

Deep Gas Fryer with Single cabinet-1Tank

Deep Electric Fryer with Double cabinet-2Tank

Deep Electric Fryer with Single cabinet-1Tank

Deep Fryer gas Single(1Tank)-6Ltr

Deep Fryer gas Single Auto (1Tank)-12Ltr

Deep Fryer gas double Auto (2Tank)-12+12Ltr

Deep Fryer gas double (2Tank)-6+6Ltr

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-171V

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-101V

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-102V

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-82/89

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-81

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-88

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-115

Deep Fryers (Electric)- EF-61

Potato Twister- Manual

Candy Floss with Cart- 1.80Kw

Candy Floss (Deluxe)- 1.30Kw

Candy Floss (Eco)- 1.20Kw

Donut Maker- 1.55Kw

Waffle Cone Baker (Square)- 1.75Kw

Waffle Cone Baker (Round)- 1.2Kw

Candy Waffle (Pine)- 1.75Kw

Candy Waffle (Round)- 1.55Kw

Candy Waffle (Butterfly)- 1.75Kw

Grid Waffle- 1.55Kw

Bubble Waffle- 1.2Kw

Waffle Baker Rotary Digital- (1.2Kw)

Waffle Baker Rotary Double- (2.6Kw)

Waffle Baker Rotary Round- (1.3Kw)

Waffle Baker Square-2210D (2.0Kw)

Waffle Baker Square-2210 (2.0Kw)

Waffle Baker Round Double- 1.2Kw

Waffle Baker Round- 1.2Kw

Dough Sheeter- TSP-520 (1100W)

Dough Sheeter- TSP-380 (1100W)

Dough Sheeter- LSP-520A (1100W)

Dough Sheeter- LSP-380A (1100W)

Dough Divider- (500W)

Bread Slicer- (250W)

Spar Mixer- SP-60HA

Spar Mixer- SP-34HA

Spar Mixer- SP-34MA

Spar Mixer- SP-25MA

Spar Mixer- SP-200A

Spar Mixer- SP-800 & SP-800AB

Spar Mixer- SP 502 & SP-502B

Spiral Mixers- DH-100

Spiral Mixers- HS-50

Spiral Mixers- AS-30

Spiral Mixers- AS-20

Spiral Mixers- H-60

Spiral Mixers- H-50

Spiral Mixers- H-30

Spiral Mixers- H-20

Planetary Mixers deluxe Series- B50 Dlx

Planetary Mixers deluxe Series- B40 Dlx

Planetary Mixers deluxe Series- B30 Dlx

Planetary Mixers deluxe Series- B20 Dlx

Planetary Mixers deluxe Series- B10 Dlx

Planetary Mixers deluxe Series- B7 Dlx

Planetary Mixers deluxe Series- B5 Dlx

Planetary Mixers Semi Deluxe series-BH10 to BH60

Planetary Mixers Normal series-B5 to B40

Electric Proofer- WFF-24B (24Tray)- (2.8Kw/220V)

Electric Proofer- WFF-12B (12Tray)- (2.6Kw/220V)

Baking Ovens With Proofer(Gas)- WFC-204QF (2.8Kw)

Baking Ovens With Proofer(Gas)- WFC-102QF (2.8Kw)

Baking Ovens With Proofer (Electric)- WFC-204DF (16Kw/440V)

Baking Ovens With Proofer (Electric)- WFC-102DF (9.4Kw/440V)

Gas Baking ovens with Steamer- YCD-2D (1.3Kw/220V)

Gas Baking Ovens- YCQ-3-6D(300W)

Gas Baking Ovens- YCQ-3-6D(300W)

Gas Baking Ovens- YCQ-2-6D(200W)

Gas Baking Ovens- YCQ-2-4D(200W)

Gas Baking Ovens- YCQ-3D(100W)

Gas Baking Ovens- YCQ-2D Full SS (100W)

Gas Baking Ovens- YCQ-2D (100W)

Gas Baking Ovens- YCQ-1D (100W)

Convection Oven (with Spray)- ECO-1A

Electric Baking Ovens with Steamer- YCD-2D

Electric Baking Oven- YCD 3-6D

Electric Baking Oven- YCD 2-4D

Electric Baking Oven- WFF-202D

Electric Baking Oven- YCD-3D

Electric Baking Oven- YCD-2D (Full SS)

Electric Baking Oven- YCD-2D

Electric Baking Oven- WFF-101DT

Electric Baking Oven- WFF-101T

Electric Baking Oven- WFF-101D

Sugarcane Juicer(Big) – 800W

Sugarcane Juicer(Small) – 800W

Ice Shaver (180W)

Juicer- Heavy Duty (550W)

Juicer- Centrifugal

Juicer- Citrus

Ice Flaker (180W-120Kg/hr)

Ice Crusher- Semi Deluxe (250W)

Ice Crusher- Deluxe (300W)

Ice Crushers- ECO (300W)

Commercial Blender- TM800AQ

Commercial Blender- TM800A

Commercial Blender- TM767

Commercial Blender- TM788A

Commercial Blenders- CS6600D (2100W)

Commercial Blenders- BL1500B (1500W)

Commercial Blenders- TM808 (1000W)

Drink Mixer- 800W

Drink Mixer- 400W

Stick Blender- 500W, RPM-9000

Stick Blender- 280W, RPM-13000

HOD 165, HOD 165SL (165Ltrs, 1000W)

HOD 110, HOD 110SL (110Ltrs, 1000W)

HOD 55, HOD 55SL (55Ltrs, 750W)

Rectangle Table Riser- TR1786

Rectangle Table Riser- TR1784

Square Table Riser- TR106

Square Table Riser- TR104

Round Table Riser (Small)- TR65

Round Table Riser (Small)- TR63

Round Table Riser (Big)- TR87

Round Table Riser (Big)- TR84

Disposable Round Platter- DS140

Disposable Round Platter- DS70

Disposable Platter (Rectangle)- DS714

Disposable Square Platter- DS1414

Disposable Square Platter- DS77

Disposable Square Platter- DS44

Shot Glass Big (75ml)- DS13

Shot Glass Small (55ml)- DS12

Disposable Spoon-CS02, Disposable Fork-CS03, Disposable Knife-CS04

Mini Round Bowl- DS22

Mini Square Bowl- DS21

Cone Big- DS20

Cone Small- DS19

Ribbon Bowl Big- DS17

Ribbon Bowl Small- DS16

Bunny Bowl Round- DS15

Bunny Bowl Slant- DS14

Round Net Plate-DS18

Rectangle Plate Big- DS11

Rectangle Plate Small- DS10

Flower Plate Big- DS09

Flower Plate Small- DS08

Hat Plate Big- DS07

Hat Plate Small- DS06

Pyramid Plate Big- DS05

Pyramid Plate Small- DS04

Vicks Plate Big- DS03

Vicks Plate Small- DS02

Snacks Spoon- DS01

G.N Pan-I/4- 1217P.19

G.N Pan-I/4- 1217P.16

G.N Pan-I/4- 1217P.14

Lids- 1217P.13

Lids- 1217P.12

Lids- 1217P.11

G.N Pan I/9 (0.75Ltr, 1.25Ltr)- 1213.13, 1213.13A

G.N Pan I/9 (0.5Ltr)- 1213.12

G.N Pan I/6 (1.5Ltr,2.2Ltr)- 1213.10,1213.11

G.N Pan I/6 (1Ltr)- 1213.09

G.N Pan I/4 (2.5Ltr,3.5Ltr)- 1213.08, 1213.08A

G.N Pan I/4 (1.7Ltr)- 1213.07

G.N Pan I/3 (2.4Ltr,3.5Ltr,5.5Ltr)- 1213.05,1213.06,1213.06A

G.N Pan I/2 (6Ltr)- 1213.04

G.N Pan I/2 (4Ltr)- 1213.03

G.N Pan I/I (9.5Ltr)- 1213.01

Storage Container Lid (11.5Ltr/17Ltr)- SQL1117

Storage Container Lid (6Ltr/7.5Ltr)- SQL67

Storage Container Lid (1Ltr/2Ltr/4Ltr)- SQL24

Storage Container (17.5Ltr)- SQC17

Storage Container (11.5Ltr)- SQC11

Storage Container (7.5Ltr)- SQC7

Storage Container (6Ltr)- SQC6

Storage Container (4Ltr)- SQC4

Storage Container (2Ltr)- SQC2

Storage Container (1Ltr)- SQC1

Tawa Platter- TPL01

Knit Platter- KPL01

Oval Shell Platter- SPL021

Round Shell Platter-SPL01

Trapeze Wave Platter- WPL02

Triangle Wave Platter- WPL03

Rectangle Wave Platter- WPL04

Square Wave Platter- WPL01

Flower Bowl Stand- SL1

Cone Stand- ST5

Round Deep Stand- ST4

Oval Deep Stand- ST3

Square Stand- ST2

Oval Flat Stand- ST1

Leaf Platter- LPL1

Flower Bowl- FL1

Cone Platter (Small)- SP905

Cone Platter (Big)- SP1105

Round Deep Platter (Big)- SP1104

Round Deep Platter (Small)- SP904

Oval Deep Platter( Small )- SP903

Oval Deep Platter( Big)- SP1103

Square Platter (Big)- SP1102

Square Platter (Small)- SP902

Oval Flat Platter (Small)- SP901

Oval Flat Platter (Big)- SP1101

Square Bowl- SQB07,SQB09

Taper Bowl-TPB08,TPB10

Bubble & Swirl Bowl-BB2,SWB01

Bubble & Swirl Bowl-BB1

Stack Bowl with Stand- SB5,SB7,SB8,SB9,SB10

Plate Cover- PC11,PC13

Dome Cover- DM8,DM10,DM12

Squeeze Bottle- SQ36

Squeeze Bottle- SQ16,SQ24

Squeeze Bottle- SQ8,SQ12

Bud Vase- TP4

Straw Holder-TP3

Toothpick Stand- TP2

Fork Ladle-LD2

Ladle Stand and Spoon Ladle-LDS1,LD1

Soup Bowl-SPB4, Soup Spoon-SP1, Underliner-SPS4

Coffee Cup & Saucer-CP200,CPS5

Tea Cup-CP150

Square Snacks Food Bowl(Snacks Service)- FB4

Square Plate(Snacks Service)- SP7

Underliner (Snacks Service)- UL6

Zig Zag Plate(Snacks Service)-SP6

Square Thali-SP13

Snacks Plate (Snacks Service)-FP6

Sweet Dish Plate (Snacks Service)-FP5

Display/Rice Plate-DT1012

Round Food Bowl-RB4,RB3

Round Full Plate-RP10, Round Half Plate-RP8

Food Bowl-SB4,SB3,SB2.5,SB2

Thali-FP13, Buffet Plate-FP12, Full Plate-FP10, Quarter Plate-FP8

Maze Series-TMZ400,TMZ300,TMZ200

Stemware(Wine)- TWN300

Stemware(Martini)- TMR275

Stemware(Flute)- TCM150

Stemware(Margarita)- TMG250

High Ball Series- THB275

High Ball Series- THB350

Step Series-TSP250

Step Series- TSP500,TSP400,TSP300

Bar Glass-TWH300

Bar Glass-TPN400

Beer Mug-BM450


Cold Drink Series- TCD400,TCD300

Taper Series Glass-TTA500,TTA400,TTA300,TTA250,TTA200

Service Tray( With Handle)- THL1014,THL1010

Service Tray(Slant)- SFT1317

Snacks Service Tray- T1218

Bar Service Tray Rectangle(Flat)- RST1218

Bar Service Tray Round (Flat)- BT14

Bar Service Tray Round (Collar)- SL15

3 Compartment Tray(Square)- DCT0909, DCTC0909

6 Compartment Tray(Rectangle)- DCT1014, DCTC1014

Display Tray- DT0713,DT0913,DT1115

Cafeteria Tray Rectangle(PC) & (PP)-CFT1014,CFT1216,CFT1418

Cafeteria Tray Round-CFT12,CFT14,CFT16

Cafeteria Tray Rectangle-CFT1014,CFT1216,CFT1418

Colander (Deep)- COLD24, COLD28

Bread Basket (Capsule Hole)- BBCHB

Bread Basket (Capsule Hole)- BBCH

Bread Basket- BBR1

Bread Basket- BBRH3

Bread Basket- BBRH4

Bread Basket (Moon Hole)- BBMCC

Bread Basket(Moon Hole)- BBMC

Bread Basket-BBR

Bread Basket- BBS

Bread Basket(Classic)- FBC

Bread Basket (Round Hole)- BBRH,BBRH1,BBRH2

Fruit Basket-WFBH

Fruit Basket-WFBC

Bread Basket Wire(Rectangle)- WSSB

Bread Basket Wire(Rectangle)- WSSSC

Bread Basket Wire(Rectangle)- WSSBSA

Bread Basket Wire(Rectangle)- WSSBS

Bread Basket Wire(Round)- WBB, WBB1

Mixing Bowl(Professional)- MBP16, MBP18, MBP20, MBP22, MBP24, MBP26, MBP28, MBP30, MBP32

Mixing Bowl (Deep)- MBD18, MBD20,MBD22, MBD24, MBD26, MBD26, MBD28, MBD30, MBD32

Mixing Bowl( Regular)- MBR01 to MBR12

Round Tong- RT24

Hot Dog Tong- HDT16

Scissor Tong- ST19

Lotus Tong- TL19

Asparagus Tong- ST10

Ninja Tong- TN24

Multi Pick Tong- MTS7

Pom Tong- TN01, TN04

Hamburger Tong- TN03, TN02

Sandwich Tong- ST9

Fork Tong- FT9

Grill Tong- GT9

Sugar Tong- STS

Serving Tong- ST11

Salad Tong (Round Slotted)- STR5

Salad Tong (Round Head)- STR9

Salad Tong (Thump)- STTM

Salad Tong (Crab)- STC9

Ice Tong (Diamond Shape)- ICTD, ICTDB

Ice Tong (Straight Teeth)- ICT5

Ice Tong(Hen Claw)-ICT21

Ice Tong (Chicken Pick)- ICT19

Ice Tong (Chicken Feet)- ICT4

Ice Tong (Fish)- ICT3

Ice Tong( Crocodile)- ICT2

Ice Tong (Regular)-ICT1

Spaghetti Tong (Round Fork)- STRFT

Spaghettti Tong (Round)- ST7R

Spaghetti Tong (Regular)- ST7

Bacon Tong- BT23

Cake Tong (Small)-CTS7

Pastry Tong (Slotted)-PTS

Pastry Tong (Fluted)-PTF


Utility Tong-UTR9,UTR12,UTR16 (Regular)

Potato Masher-PMP20 (Perforated)

Potato Masher-PMS24 (Slotted)

Spoon Rest-SSR

Spoon Rest-SRR22 (Rectangle)

Spoon Rest-SR3 (Classic)

Spoon Rest-SR2 (Double)

Spoon Rest-SR1 (Regular)

Spice Container(9 Compartments)-MD9

Mini Meat Tenderizer-MT

Fuel Holder-FH9

Chip Bag Scoop Wire-CBSW15

Chip Bag Scoop-CBS8

Veggie Drain-VD5,VD4

Mixing Paddle-MXP24,MXP30,MXP36,MXP42,MXP48,MXP54,MXP60

Order Rack/Table Grabber/Check Minder-OR12,OR18,OR24,OR30,OR36,OR48

Grater (4 Sided)-GR16,GR19

Turner-TRL (Slotted)

Turner-TRS (Solid)

Spaghetti Server-SS13


Ladle (Professional)- PL65,PL7,PL8,PL9,PL10,PL11,PL12,PL14,PL16

Ladle (One Piece)-LP05V,LP1V,LP15V,LP2V,LP3V,LP4V,LP5V,LP6V,LP7V,LP8V,LP12V,LP16V

Ladle (One Piece)- LP05,LP1,LP15,LP2,LP3,LP4,LP5,LP6,LP7,LP8,LP12,LP16

Ice Cream Disher-ICS3,ICS4

Ice Cream Disher-ICD8

Ice Cream Disher (Regular)-ICR1 to ICR14

Cutlery Holder-CH12C, CH14C, CH16C

Cutlery Holder(Regular)- CH12,CH14,CH16

Cutlery Cylinder (Tapered)- CST10

Dust Bin- DSB1,DSB2,DSB3

Cylinder Holder-FCS3 (3Hole 1Tier) & FCS4, FCD4 (4Hole 1&2Tier) & FCD6 (6Hole 2Tier) & FCD8(8Hole 2Tier)

Salad Server-SDS13 (Solid)

Salad Server-SDSL13 (Slotted)

Food Portioner-FPP6,FPP9,FPP12,FPP15,FPP18,FPP24 (Perforated)

Food Portioner-FSP6,FSP9,FSP12,FSP15,FSP18,FSP24 (Solid)

Basting Spoon (Plastic Handle)-BSSP11,BSSP13,BSSP15,BSSP18,BSSP21(Solid) & BPP11,BPP13,BPP15,BPP18,BPP21 (Perforated) & BLP11,BLP13,BLP15,B;P18,BLP21 (Slotted)

Basting Spoon-BSS11,BSS13,BSS15,BSS18,BSS21 (Solid) & BSP11,BSP13,BSP15,BSP18,BSP21 (Perforated) & BSL11,BSL13,BSL15,BSL18,BSL21 (Slotted)

Conical Strainer-CS14,CS16,CS18,CS20,CS22

Whips Piano-WP8,WP10,WP12,WP14,WP16,WP18,WP20,WP22 (Light)

Whips French- WF10,WF12,WF14,WF16,WF18,WF20,WF22 (Heavy)

Egg Ring Square-EGSH3,EGSH4,EGSH5 (Heavy)

Egg Ring Square-EGS3,EGS4,EGS5 (Regular)

Egg Ring Round-EGRH3,EGRH4,EGRH5(Heavy)

Egg Ring Round-EGR3,EGR4,EGR5 (Regular)

Dredger-DRAH10 (With Handle)

Dredger-DRA10 (Without Handle)

Dredger-DR3 (3MM Hole)

Dredger-DRMS10 (Multi Use)

Dredger- DRM10

Dredger- DR10 (Without Handle), DRH10 (With Handle)

Measuring Cup-MCSH

Measuring Cup-MCWH

Measuring Spoon-MSHB

Measuring Spoon-MSB

Measuring Spoon-MSTSH

Measuring Spoon-MSSH

Measuring Spoon-MSWH

Hanging Dips Bowl-DB2

Sauce Cup-SC15C,SC2C,SC25C,SC4C

Sauce Cup-SC15, SC2, SC25, SC4

Finger Bowl With Liner-FBR

Soup Bowl-SBR

Pickle Stand-PS3

Sugar Pack Holder-SPH7,SPH8

Bill Spike-BS6H,BS9H

Ice Cream Dispenser-IDR

Ice Cream Cup-ICC15 (Regular)

Ice Cream Cup-RICC17 (Royal)

Coffee Pot-CPM28,CPS40,CPM57,CPL74

Tea Pot-TPM41,TPS57,TPM86,TPL18,TPJ15