Stella TS- 34C01


















































Pots & Pans 12

Pots & Pans 11

Pots & Pans 10

Pots & Pans 9

Pots & Pans 8

Pots & Pans 7

Pots & Pans 6

Pots & Pans 6

Pots & Pans 4

Pots & Pans 3

Pots & Pans 2

Pots & Pans 1

Chaffing Dishes 6

Chaffing Dishes 5

Chaffing Dishes 4

Chaffing Dishes 3

Chaffing Dishes 2

Chaffing Dishes 1

Stabilizing Spinner

Salad Spinner

Scissors Detachable

Triple-Zip Knife Case

Apple Corer

Vegetable Peeler

Melon Baller

Food Tester

Fish Knife

Butcher’s Knife

Chef’s Knife

Boning Knife

Deba Knife

Santoku Knife

Usuba Knife

Sashimi Knife 2

Sashimi Knife 1


Kitchen Chopper

Kau Kong Chopper

Kitchen Chopper Shanghai Style

All Purpose Kitchen Knife

Slicing Knife Granton Edge

Slicing Knife Serrated Edge

Carving Fork Straight

Carving Fork Curved

Boning Knife Flexible

Curved Boning Knife

Narrow Boning Knife

Chef’s Knife

Slicing Knife Granton Edge

Bread Knife

Wide Bread Knife

Offset Bread Knife

Fillet Knife Flexible

Boning Knife Flexible

Curved Boning Knife

Chef’s Knife

Chef’s Knife

Usuba Knife

Santoku Knife

Bread Knife

Fillet Knife – flexible

Paring Knife

Carving Fork-curved

Chef’s Knife

Carving Knife

Santoku Knife

Fillet Knife

Utility Knife

Curved Paring Knife

Knife Bag With Shoulder Strap

Butcher Pocket Knife

“S” Hook

Block Brush

Cleaver 2

Cleaver 1

Mesh Safety Glove 2

Mesh Safety Glove 1

Knife Sharping

Sharping Steel Standard Cut

Sharping Steel Standard Fine

Sharping Steel Ultra Fine

Mincing Knife

Peeler,Metal,Serrated edge,especially sharp

Turner 2

Turner 1

Knifes ( Filleting Knife Wave Edge )

Knifes ( Chef’s Knife Narrow )

Knifes ( Chef’s Knife Wide )

Knifes ( Chef’s Knife )

Knifes ( Vegetable Knife )

Knifes ( Cleaver,Chinese Style )

Knifes ( Slicer,Chinese Style )

Knifes ( Chef’s Knife )

Knifes ( Meta Fork )

Knifes ( Serving Fork )

Knifes ( Sausage Fork Forged )

Knifes ( Tomato Knife )

Knifes ( Santoku Knife )

Knifes ( BestCut Chef’s Knife )

Knifes ( Turner )

Knifes ( Santoku Knife Scalopped Edge )

Knifes ( Santoku Knife )

Knifes ( Chef’s Knife )

Knifes ( Skinning Knife Wavy Edge )

Knifes ( Ham Slicer )

Knifes ( Sticking Knife )

Knifes ( Boning Knife )

Knifes ( Butcher Knife )

Knifes ( Skinning Knife )

Perforated Bin ( Large )

Push Bin


Paddle Bin Small

Waste Bin

Single Layer Waste Bin


Fire Resistant Bin


Hand Dryers ( Jumbo Paper Roll Dispenser )

Hand Dryers ( Tissue Dispenser )

Hand Dryers ( Austral )

Hand Dryers ( Zephyr )

Hand Dryers ( Master II )

Hand Dryers ( Tomade )

Bucket Wringer Combo

Dust Pan & Broom

Ice Cube Marker

Soft Ice-Cream Machine

Water Cooler

6 Door Refrigerator

Tea/ Milk Boiler

Bulk Cooker Tilting Type

Dosa Plate

Chapati Plate with Puffer

Chinese Range

4 Burner With Oven

3 Burner Range

Cooking Stove

Deep Fryer Two Tank

Deck Oven

Gyros Grill

Shawarma Grill

Combi Steamer

Waffle Maker


Sandwich Griller

Elec. Salamander Liftup


Kitchenaid- Toaster

4/6 Slots Toaster

Soup Turine

Dough Mixer

Pianetary Mixer

Spiral Mixer

Plate Warmer

Tilting Masala Grinder

Wet Masala Grinder

Meat Mincer

Meat Slicer

Salt & Pepper Mills 12

Salt & Pepper Mills 11

Salt & Pepper Mills 10

Salt & Pepper Mills 9

Salt & Pepper Mills 8

Salt & Pepper Mills 7

Salt & Pepper Mills 6

Salt & Pepper Mills 5

Salt & Pepper Mills 4

Salt & Pepper Mills 3

Salt & Pepper Mills 2

Salt & Pepper Mills 1

Wine Chiller With Stand

Bar Non Slip Mat

Bar / Shelf Liner Roll

Cutting Board

Wine Basket

Salt & Sugar Rimmer

Bar Caddy

Condiment Holder

Store & Pourer

Wine Thermometer


Champagne Stopper

Ice Tong


Bar Strainer

Cork Screwer

Lemon Squeezer

Wine Server

Boston Shaker

Cocktail Shaker

Wooden Ice Bucket

Ice Bucket

SS Punch Bowl

Bar Tools

Wine Chiller

Bar Utensils – ( Bar Set )

Soyabean Grinder

Salting Machine


Pizza Roller

Tomato Slicer

Patty Press

Potato Peeler ( PP-15 )

Potato Peeler ( PP-8 )

Cake Display

Salad Counters ( 6 PAN )

Salad Counters ( 4 PAN )

Sushi Showcase

Ice Cream Counter

Pastry Display ( ECO )

Pastry Dispaly ( DELUXE )

Fried Ice Cream Machine

Ice Cube Machine ( MQ-60 )

Ice Cube Machine ( MQ-40 )

Ice Cube Machine ( MQ-20 )

Softy Machines

Softy Machines

Softy Machines

Softy Machines

Softy Machines

Softy Machines

Juice Dispensers (Non Refrigerated) 2 Tank

Juice Dispensers (Non Refrigerated) 1 Tank

Slush Machines ( 2 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 1 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 2 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 2 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 1 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 3 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 2 Tank)

Cold Juice Dispensers ( 1 Tank)

Nachos Warmer

Coffee Warmer

Bain Marie (5 Bowl-with glass)

Bain Marie (4 Bowl-with glass)

Bain Marie (3 Bowl-with glass)

Bain Marie (6 Bowl)

Bain Marie (4 Bowl)

Bain Marie (3 Bowl)

Bain Marie (2 Bowl)

Food Warmers (HANGING)

Food Warmers (PLATE)

Food Warmers (EXCLUSIVE)

Food Warmers (GLASS -3 LAMP)

Food Warmers (GLASS -2 LAMP)

Food Warmers (LUXURY -2 LAMP)

Food Warmers (SINGLE LAMP)

Food Warmers (NORMAL)

Soup Kettles (ECO)

Soup Kettles (SB-6000L)

Soup Kettles (SB-6000S)

Soup Kettles (SB-6000)

Plate Warmer (Table Top)

Plate Warmer (Indian)

Plate Warmer 2 (Imported)

Plate Warmer 1 (Imported)

Cup Warmer

Water Boiler (WB-30)

Water Boiler (WB-20)

Water Boiler (WB-10)

Tea & Coffe Boiler

Stella TS- 34C01

Stella TS- 5006

Stella TS- 698A

Stella TS- 3503

Stella TS- 3501

Stella TS- 3502

Stella TS- 678

Stella TS- 688

Chafing Dishes- Induction type 4

Chafing Dishes- Induction type 3

Chafing Dishes- Induction type 2

Chafing Dishes- Induction type 1

Commercial Inductions 5

Commercial Inductions 4

Commercial Inductions 3

Commercial Inductions 2

Commercial Inductions 1

Popcorn Machine (GAS)

Popcorn Cart

Popcorn Machine (GAS)

Popcorn Machine (JUMBO)

Popcorn Machine (BIG)

Popcorn Machine Deluxe- ECO

Popcorn Machine Deluxe

Popcorn Machine ECO

Popcorn Showcase

Momo Steamer

Momo Steamer L4

Momo Steamer L2

Electric Bar-be-que

Corn Streamer

Glass Display 2

Glass Display 1

Bone Saw

Sausage Filler SF-7L

Sausage Filler SF-5L

Fine Chopper

Meat Slicer

Meat Mincers HFM-22

Meat Mincers HFM-12

Meat Mincers SXC-22

Meat Mincers SXC-12

Meat Mincers MG-12

Meat Mincers G-50

Veg Cutter- HCL-300

Veg Choppers- QS620B

Veg Choppers- HLQ-8

Veg Choppers- TQ5

Bar-be-que (Fuel Used- COAL)

Rotisserie- GAS

Rotisserie- ELECTRIC

Rotisserie- GAS

Shawarma Machines- 4 Burner

Shawarma Machines- 3 Burner

Shawarma Machines- 2 Burner

Shawarma Machines- Electric (Big)

Shawarma Machines- Electric (Small)

Hamburger Warmer

Hamburger Warmer

Slice Toaster- 6 Slice

Slice Toaster- 4 Slice

Salamanders- 600

Salamanders- 450

Salamanders- 937

Salamanders- 938

Salamanders- 936

Salamanders- 935

Conveyor Slice Toasters- TT-A300

Conveyor Slice Toasters- TT-A150

Conveyor Slice Toasters- TT-300

Conveyor Slice Toasters- TT-150

Hotodog Machine

Hotodog Machine

Plain Griddle Plate (Jumbo)- 750

Half Grooved Griddle Plate (Big)- 822

Plain Griddle Plate (Big)- 820

Half Grooved Griddle Plate (Small)- 818-2

Grooved Griddle Plate (Small)- 821

Plain Griddle Plate (Small)- 818

Gas Griddle Plate- 722

Gas Griddle Plate- 720

Gas Griddle Plate- 718

Stone Pizza Oven Big Single Deck (SS)

Stone Pizza Oven Jumbo Single Deck

Stone Pizza Oven Big Single Deck

Stone Pizza Oven Medium Double Deck

Stone Pizza Oven Medium

Stone Pizza Oven Small Double Deck

Stone Pizza Ovens Small

Stone Pizza Oven (Gas)-100W

Pasta oven Double Deck-PO-4-SS-DD

Pasta oven Double Deck-PO-4-PC

Pasta & Noodle Boiler-4Basket

Conveyor Pizza Oven-VPS8B

Conveyor Pizza Oven-VPS8A

Milk Warmer- 1500W, 12Ltrs

Plain Griller- 2.2KW,220V

Crepe Machine- 3.0KW

Sandwich Griller (Patty Type)- 1.5KW

Sandwich Single Griller- Jumbo(2.2KW, 220V)

Sandwich Single Griller- Big (2.2KW, 220V)

Sandwich Single Griller- Small Double (1.8KW+1.8KW, 220V)

Sandwich Single Griller- Small (1.8KW, 220V)

Sandwich Double Griller

Sandwich Single Griller

Vertical Round Glass Food Warmers Big- 850W

Vertical Round Glass Food Warmers Small- 850W

Full Glass SS Food Warmer- 1400W

Exclusive SS Food Warmer- 800W

Luxurious Food Warmer- 1500W

Round Glass (Big)-1300W

Round Glass (Small)-910W

White Board

Wet Floor Sign

Water Boiler

Twin Bucket Server

Turning Slicer SS

Trishul Card Holder-3 Sizes

Tissue Holder

Swing Bin

Storage Container

Stainless Steel Housekeeping Trolly

SS Toothpic Straw Holder

SS Soap Dispensers

SS Salt Pepper Crusher Set

SS Pasta Machine

SS Padel Bin Plain

SS Padel Bin Perforated

SS Open Ashtray-3 Sizes

SS Magnetic Knife Holder

SS Kadhai

SS Dustbin Solid

SS Dustbin Push Can

SS Dustbin Perforated

SS Dustbin Ash Can

SS Ashtray with Lid

Spider Web Strainer

Spice Box

Spaghetti Tong

Soup Kettle MS

Shawarma Machine

Serving Cooker Set-2 Sizes

Serving Belan

Service Trolly-3 Tier

Wok Bowl


Sandwich Griller

Salt Pepper Lipstick

Salt Pepper Drumstick

Salt Pepper Bullet

Sachet Holder-8478

Sachet Holder-8003

Ruby Tissue Holder

Round Bread Basket With Cover

Reserved Sign

Wooden Pepper Grinder

Wooden Salt Pepper Set

Rainbow Tissue Holder

Potato Strip Knife

Popup Toaster

Plate Warmer

Plate Cover

Plate-2 Sizes

Pizza Tray-Square

Pizza Tray Handle

Pizza Tray-Round

Pizza Screen Rack

Pizza Screen

Pizza Peel

Pizza Pan Rack

Pizza Pan Lids

Pizza Pan Gripper

Pizza Cutter

Pizza Bat

Pineapple Cutter

PC Cake Display Flat Shape

Pastry Server

Pastry Knife

Pasta Pan

Pastry Cutter

Paring Knife

Pallete Knife Straight

Pallete Knife Bend

Oval Tong

Original Chilli Dispenser

Newspaper Magazine Stand No-1318

Newspaper Magazine Stand No-1202

Newspaper Magazine Stand No-168

Newspaper Stand-2 Sizes

PS Moose Cups N-32

PS Moose Cups N-31

PS Moose Cups N-30

Mini Servers-8

Mini Servers-7

Mini Servers-6

Mini Servers-5

Mini Servers-4

Mini Servers-3

Mini Servers-2

Mini servers-1

Metal Safety Gloves

Men Stand Bowl

Chaffing Dishes MEC 48 GTJ-7Ltrs

Chaffing Dishes MEC 48 G Pillar-7Ltrs

Chaffing Dishes MEC 40 GS-4Ltrs

Chaffing Dishes MEC 46 GSW-9Ltrs

Chaffing Dishes MEC 49 GDSS-10Ltrs

Chaffing Dishes MEC 43 GTL-5Ltrs

Chaffing Dishes MEC 41 GS-7Ltrs

Chaffing Dishes MEC 45 GTL-7Ltrs

Magnetic Knife Holder

Lobby Stand

Knife Holder

Jug-9657 2Ltrs

Jug-8567 1.8Ltrs

Induction Steamer

Ice Cream Cup

Heavy Duty Grater


Grill Iron

Graver Knife

Glass Rimmer

Glass Holder Spring Handle

Glass Holder Rassa Handle



Frying Stainer

Frying Basket

Fish Tong

Finger Chipser

Fine Thick Mesh Strainer 3D

Fillet Knife

Fast Food Serving Tray

Electric Steamer

Electric Ice Crusher

Drink Mixer

Drink Caddy of 3

Dough Cutter

Dome Cover

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Chef Cap

Display Stand

Display Signals

Dinner Spoon N-15

Deluxe Planetary Mixer 7 Ltrs

Deep Fryer Single & Double

Deep Dish Pizza Pans

Dal Makhani Kuan

Cutting Board

Cutlery Tray

Cutlery Holder with Handle

Cut Serve

Cut Resistance Gloves


Croissant Cutter

Craving Set 24 Pcs

Cotton Candy Maker

Cotton Appron

Corn Steamer

Cordless Kettle

Copper Tandoor

Copper Lagan

Copper Kettle

Copper Handi 5 Sizes

Copper Kadhani 3 Sizes

Conical Strainer

Conical Milk Mug

Condiment Bowl

Commercial Slicer

Commercial Blender

Colour Cutting Board Round

Colour Cutting Board

Coffee Warmer

Coffee Carafe

Classic King Grater

Chopper Wooden Handle

Chopper Red Handle

Chocolate Fountain

Chinese Wok 4 Sizes

Chinese Broom

Chhila Pateli

Chef Knife

Chef Coat

Bullet Card Holder 3 Sizes

Bowl 5 Sizes

Boring Knife

Bericadding Tissue Holder

Barricading Pole

Baking Oven

Aluminium Boiler

Allu Trapper Fry Pan 2 Sizes

Allu Serving Set

Sil Pads

Silicon Lace Mats